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About Me:


Hey, I'm so honored you wanted to get to know me before working with me. I hope I can give you enough insight about me to make you feel less anxious. I'm a 26 year old Korean-American from Tennessee who currently works as a chemist by day and as a photographer by night. I'm incredibly fortunate to have worked with Vogue published photographers, and to be apart of a magazine known as VoyageAtl. I recently moved to a beautiful place known as Denver, Colorado, in hopes to work with like minded artists to create art that builds awareness around social justice issues! People around me would say I'm their Hype-Woman, and, honestly, I think it's true. I thoroughly enjoy hyping people up and bringing joy to every photo-shoot. My goal is to always make every photo-shoot special, unique, and most importantly memorable! My priority is to ensure that when you look back at the photos we took, you remember it fondly. I hope to celebrate your person-hood, and to create concepts dedicated to the essence of who you are! Never to mask or hide, but to emphasize and enhance, is my perspective. 

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